Legacy National Bank is…

  1. Locally owned
  2. Focused on serving families and businesses
  3. A provider of advice-based financial solutions
  4. Supported by nationally competitive product capabilities
  5. Delivering banking with unmatched service, professionalism, and leading edge technology


Our Mission

Legacy National Bank, with poultry executive Gary George as Chairman and Don L. Gibson as Chief Executive Officer, invites you to “Come Home” to local decisions with people you know, and the service you deserve.

the Past

The name Legacy National Bank honors the vision of people like Charles George, Willis Shaw, John Tyson, Harvey Jones, Sam Walton, Joe Steele, J.B. Hunt, Red Hudson and others, who literally transformed Northwest Arkansas into the bustling hub of economic growth that it is today.

the Present

These entrepreneurs encouraged others, and the local economy grew and so did opportunities. They left us a gift, a legacy we want to capture in the name, spirit and service of Legacy National Bank.

Planning for the Future

Legacy National Bank recognizes and embraces the responsibility we have to future generations to make sure Northwest Arkansas continues the vision of those early entrepreneurs to create opportunities where they can thrive and live in one of the most beautiful regions of our country.

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