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Agricultural Loans

Legacy National Bank offers a personal relationship with each agriculture client and farm.

Knowing that every farm situation is different, we take a one-on-one approach to develop a loan program that fits each individual’s needs. We also participate in a variety of USDA-Farm Service Agency and SBA programs to find the best solutions.



  • New Construction
  • Purchase or refinance
  • Retrofitting/Improvements


  • Land purchases
  • Cattle purchases
Tyler Pendergraft AVP Agri/Poultry Lending

Tyler Pendergraft-VP
Agricultural Lending
Call 479-717-1921
Email Tyler Pendergraft

Lisa Kaplan AVP Agri/Poultry Lending

Lisa Kaplan-AVP
Agricultural Lending
Call 479-717-1962
Email Lisa Kaplan

Derek Armstrong VP Agri/Poultry Lending

Derek Armstrong-SVP
Agricultural Lending
Call 479-422-1854
Email Derek Armstrong

SBA Website Link

Approved to offer SBA loan products under SBA’s Preferred and Express Lenders Certified Programs

SBA Information Form

Fill out this application to find out if you qualify.
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  • What is the purpose of the business loan or line of credit you need? Please include estimates of dollar amount if known.
  • Please describe the type and size of business you own or hope to open.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

We have recently changed who processes our debit card transactions. If you experience a “Declined” message when using your PIN for a purchase please have the merchant rerun your card as a “credit or signature based” transaction.

You will then need to call 1-800-992-3808 and follow the steps to re-PIN your card.  The process will ask for you to verify information.  After verification, you will select option 2 to enter a new PIN.  The PIN entered needs to be the EXACT SAME PIN you had previously.  If a different PIN is entered, your card will continue to decline PIN based transactions.