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To Banking In Northwest Arkansas

Board of Directors

Legacy National Bank Board of Directors 2015

Legacy National Bank’s Board of Directors has more than
229 years of combined board and banking experience in Northwest Arkansas.

“These men and women from Northwest Arkansas are committed to
the future of Northwest Arkansas and its people.”

Pictured above (from left to right): Patrick Swope-President-CEO, David Harris, Steve Stafford, Gary George-Chairman of the Board, Mary Kathryn Brown, Don Gibson-CEO-Emeritus, Loyd Swope, Gary Jech, and Matt Mawby

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We have recently changed who processes our debit card transactions. If you experience a “Declined” message when using your PIN for a purchase please have the merchant rerun your card as a “credit or signature based” transaction.

You will then need to call 1-800-992-3808 and follow the steps to re-PIN your card.  The process will ask for you to verify information.  After verification, you will select option 2 to enter a new PIN.  The PIN entered needs to be the EXACT SAME PIN you had previously.  If a different PIN is entered, your card will continue to decline PIN based transactions.