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Legacy National Bank invites you to “Lunch and Learn”!

Join us on Friday, April 1st from 11am-12pm. Lunch will be provided.
Our free interactive class will give an overview of our Online Products. Bring your devices! Laptops, Smart Phones, IPads, etc. We will sign you up and teach you how to navigate each of our products.
A few of the features we will cover:
-Signing up for Online Banking
-Getting our App for you smart phone
-Signing up for Online Bill Pay
-Using Pop Money
-Benefits of Shazam Bolt$
-Ease of E-Statements
Reserve your spot today! Call 479-717-1940 or see any of our employees

Shazam BOLT$

The convenience to manage your accounts wherever the road takes you. SHAZAM BOLT$ delivers a safer, easier and faster mobile solution.


  • Fraud alerts 24/7
  • Blok and unblock your card
  • ATM locations nationwide
  • Account balance

Ask how you can enroll today. Available in the iTunes store and Google Play.


Small Business of the Month Award

Legacy National Bank was honored with the Small Business of the Month Award for October.  Thank you to the Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce.  Small Business of the Month Award

Small Business of the Month Award Photo

From left to right; Gary Kleck, Brad Miller, Don Gibson, Kellie Holmes, Jason Mayes, Martha Londagin, Luke Parsons, Stephen Wright, Andrew Zurborg.

Protecting Your Most Important Information

Legacy National Bank is committed to providing unmatched reliable, secure, accurate, and state of the art technology solutions that help you grow and thrive. Our Data Center is a bunker like facility that is able to withstand 200 mph winds. It has dual sources of power, three fiber optic internet connections, bio-metric physical access, and diesel generators that will allow the facility to run without commercial power for weeks on end. All online banking infrastructure is designed with full diversity and redundancy in mind. Meaning, in the extremely unlikely event we lost our primary data center, we have a fully redundant “warm site” that is geographically diverse from our primary location. This helps ensure that even if the worst happens, you can rely on us to keep our bank up and running to serve you and your customers.

A cyber attack is considered one of the greatest threats that we face in this interconnected world. Many of the largest financial and other institutions thought they were well protected, only to find their names in the headlines after a cyber attack resulted in a security breach that compromised confidential customer information or denied access to legitimate customers. Our bank leverages the power of a large banking community to provide industrial strength Cyber Security solutions to our customers. We utilize a multi-layered approach that incorporates “best in solution” technologies that are fully tested before they are deployed to mitigate the risk of a security breach due to a cyber attack, keeping your information safe while providing secure access to legitimate customers.


Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, and the Independent Community Bankers of America® (ICBA) is offering tips to help consumers avoid having their online financial information disrupted or stolen. ICBA, along with more than 6,000 community banks across the country, urge consumers to remain vigilant and protect themselves from potential credit card and bank fraud.

Here are a few tips to help consumers safeguard their online accounts:

  • When sending sensitive information via the Internet, make sure “https:” appears in the address bar. This  means the information you are transmitting is encrypted.
  • Ensure the wireless network you use is password-protected, and choose a strong password and update it frequently for your work and home wireless networks. Likewise, always use a passcode on your mobile phone or tablet to stop an unauthorized user from accessing your device.
  • Don’t enter sensitive information into your phone when others can see what you’re entering.
  • Set the privacy settings on frequented social network sites. Cybercriminals often learn about people and their families and friends via social media in an attempt to spoof or phish you and your network.
  • Remain cautious of someone who isn’t who they say they are or if the name and area don’t match what appears on caller ID. This is often how spoofing occurs.
  • Never respond to text messages, emails or phone calls from companies alleging to be your bank, government officials or business representatives that request your banking ID, account numbers, user name or password.
  • Similarly, don’t click on links sent to you from unknown sources via text message because they are likely malware.
  • Beware of “get rich quick” schemes; never voluntarily give out your bank account information or security credentials.

Legacy National Bank Junior Bank Board

We are very excited that our first Junior Bank Board meeting is today!

Legacy will choose 14 high school seniors (seven from HarBer High and seven from Springdale High) to become Junior Bank Board Members. Members will learn basic banking principals, credit underwriting, identity theft protection and the many facets of the banking industry. We are thrilled to be able to build relationships with these outstanding young people and give back to our community.

Learn more about our Junior Bank Board.

Announcing Our Rejuvenated Website

Legacy National Bank New Website 2015

Legacy National Bank is very excited to announce the launch of our rejuvenated website!

For the last few months, the folks at Blue Zoo Creative have been working very hard to bring to life our vision for an updated site, designed for easier use, as well as special formatting to allow you, our clients, to view and use our site on your mobile devices!

Bringing You Home

We are also highlighting what makes Northwest Arkansas ‘Home,’ by using unique images of our region from a leading NWA studio, Keith Branch Photography.

We hope that you like our new look, and will easily find all the information you need on our site. We want you to feel at home here with Legacy National Bank.

We know that each individual and every business is unique, so our checking and savings accounts offer you the features and flexibility you need.

New Features

  • Mobile Compatibility, so you can bank online and on-the-go
  • Easier Ways to Contact Us, for your convenience
  • Enhanced Web Security, for your peace of mind

Local People = Local Banking

As always, Legacy National Bank strives to offer the best service possible, and our rejuvenated website will help us to serve you better. We are local people building for the Community, for you.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or if there is anything we can assist you with.

Matt Mawby Joins Legacy National Bank’s Board of Directors

Matt Mawby, owner of Professional Business Systems, joined as the newest member of Legacy National Bank’s Board of Directors. Matt is a native of Northwest Arkansas and also owns and manages his own business headquartered in Bentonville. As a highly successful small businessman, his knowledge of the Northwest Arkansas business community will be a valuable asset on our board. He will help pursue the bank’s mission of serving businesses and families in Benton and Washington Counties.

We are honored Matt has joined our team.

Matt Mawby of Professional Business Systems

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