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Legacy National Bank Junior Bank Board

Our 2017-2018 Junior Bank Board

From left to right: Mary Saldana, Alex Lewandowski, Maddy Oakley, Breanna De Leeuw, Kaitlyn Schemel, Andrew Widerkehr, Issac Hannon, Pablo Manon, Angel Salazar, Marco Villasenor, Amelia Catanzaro, Ethan Phipps, Vi Nguyen, Roberto Ceullar, and Riley Neil.


Our 2016-2017 Junior Bank Board.
Legacy National Bank Junior Bank Board Photo

From left to right: Lauren Standridge, Daisy Gonzalez-Almazan, Jiun Tseng, Jose Rodriguez, Angel De la Cruz, Adilene Villanazul, Tristin Lucius, Daniel Gomez, Isabel Flores, Anna Cook, Carlos Alvarado.  Not pictured: Mayra Villegas and Reigan Baskin.

We are proud to announce our 2015-2016 Junior Bank Board!

Legacy National Bank Junior Bank Board 2015-2016

From left to right: Diana Carrillo, Abby Adams, Sandy Mejia, Kelly Mancia, Karla Vargas, Sang Hong , Fuxin Keller, Tanner Passmore, Tamara Bell, Brandon Martinez, Mack Beasha, Valarie Ruiz, Samuel Tatios

Some of the requirements and benefits of the Junior Bank Board are:

  • Fourteen (14) high school students from Springdale High (7) and HarBer High (7) will be chosen annually in the spring of each year (students must be an upcoming Senior in the Fall)
  • Term will begin in May and last throughout the school year. Attendance at a designated summer, community activity will be required
  • Members will be exposed to the history and current community news associated with Springdale and NWA
  • Take part in bank and/or community activities as a Legacy JBB delegate
  • Members will receive real life educational material related to all facets of banking in various interactive ways (including basic banking principles, credit underwriting, latest consumer banking IT delivery channels, identity theft protection, and investment services)
  • Opportunities to help build a resume’ that will include JBB service as well as other community service that the board participates in…helpful for both job and college applications
  • Members will learn how to plan, interact, and manage a professional business board meeting situation as they write meeting agendas, take minutes of key meeting items, take part in meeting discussions, run the meeting according to typical “rules of order”, and plan the Board’s event

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