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Legacy National Bank is committed to providing unmatched reliable, secure, accurate, and state of the art technology solutions that help you grow and thrive. Our Data Center is a bunker like facility that is able to withstand 200 mph winds. It has dual sources of power, three fiber optic internet connections, bio-metric physical access, and diesel generators that will allow the facility to run without commercial power for weeks on end. All online banking infrastructure is designed with full diversity and redundancy in mind. Meaning, in the extremely unlikely event we lost our primary data center, we have a fully redundant “warm site” that is geographically diverse from our primary location. This helps ensure that even if the worst happens, you can rely on us to keep our bank up and running to serve you and your customers.

A cyber attack is considered one of the greatest threats that we face in this interconnected world. Many of the largest financial and other institutions thought they were well protected, only to find their names in the headlines after a cyber attack resulted in a security breach that compromised confidential customer information or denied access to legitimate customers. Our bank leverages the power of a large banking community to provide industrial strength Cyber Security solutions to our customers. We utilize a multi-layered approach that incorporates “best in solution” technologies that are fully tested before they are deployed to mitigate the risk of a security breach due to a cyber attack, keeping your information safe while providing secure access to legitimate customers.


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